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To some dee-luxe bloggin’ on my web-sah-ite!

This blog has been moved to my website, which is still a work in progress so please keep the snide comments to a minimum. I will no longer be updating this WordPress blog. All previous blog posts will still be available here as well as at the new site.

And if anyone wants to offer some much needed help on the new site, please email me at info@tswelti.com. Thanks for reading!


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Snarky comment designed to trick you into believing you’re about to read an interesting blog post.

Introductory sentence stating the reason the author chose this topic for this post. Sentence supporting this reasoning and possibly providing exemplary evidence for why this topic should be discussed. Closing sentence, hopefully containing a joke about how this topic relates to the author.

Paragraph describing a personal experience either related to the joke in the last paragraph or the topic at large. This paragraph will usually include some dialogue so that those with the attention span of a squirrel with ADHD will still be enthralled.

Filler paragraph. This paragraph was constructed for the sole purpose of making sure the author cannot be accused of being a lazy blogger. A gratuitous joke or cynical comment can be thrown in for the sake of the audience.

[Place medium-sized image of adorable kitten here.]

Closing paragraph will reiterate why this topic is so important that it warrants four paragraphs written by a complete nobody. Hug, hug, kiss, kiss, little hug, big kiss.

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