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Creating an entirely fictional and somewhat futuristic society is fun – for the most part. The most difficult part of creating a fictional futuristic society is creating laws and currency. Of course, you can draw from current laws and currency and build from there. However, in order for your futuristic society to seem “futuristic”, the reader must feel as if they’ve been taken to a new, exciting, yet strange place. The laws of the future may not be preferable to today’s laws, they may be downright frightening, but they have to be distinct.

The laws of my “futuristic” society have not caused me too many sleepless nights, as I have a clear idea as to how my society operates; it’s the currency that has me stumped.

Ideally, the currency of a futuristic society would take little energy to create, be secure from theft (and counterfeiting) and highly portable (light-weight or weightless). So, taking into account these criteria, I’m unsure what type of currency to use. Paper is dead as it is wasteful and takes a lot of energy to create in a way that makes it impervious to counterfeiting. Gold, though light-weight, is susceptible to theft and would require some form of authentication technology. Computer technology (microchips/cards) require mass production of cards/chips/scanners, which would require a new technology for producing plastic and still seems a bit wasteful.

Then, of course, there’s the idea that there should be no currency. In its place there would be a system of bartering. Of course, this begins the journey down the slippery slope towards – gasp! – Communism.

So, I’m stuck. In the meantime, I’ve started writing out a new scene in long-hand. Not a good idea, since I currently have about 125 pages of the book written out in long-hand that have yet to be transcribed. I’m only contributing to this growing backlog. However, writing in long-hand lends an organic quality to the story that typing does not. Don’t ask me why, my brain just works that way.

Well, I guess I’d better get back to work. 😉


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