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I just had an amazing literary brainstorming session with Arielle.

I’d spent most of this weekend writing and plotting (when I wasn’t cleaning or baking bread) while Arielle played The Sims. I decided I needed to work on characterization. Since I keep all the information for my characters and setting in a single document on my computer, this meant I would need to take away Arielle’s primary source of entertainment.

We do have two laptops in my house. However, Arielle’s laptop is the used Powerbook G4 I gave her a few years ago when I got my Macbook Pro. Her laptop does not have an Intel duo core processor, so it can’t run The Sims 3.

Well, after taking over the laptop, in order not to hear her griping, I decided to request her insight into some characterization issues I’d encountered. She was only too glad to help.

We spent a good two and a half hours working out names, traits, and future plotlines for many of my characters. We even created a few new characters. She now knows way more about the story than I had intended her to know, but she kept goading me along saying, “My opinion will give you an advantage as you write because I’m your target audience.”

I know when I’m being used, but I would say that in this case our literary relationship is symbiotic.

I can’t wait to be done with this book.


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