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If only….

So, we all like to post our favorite quotes on Twitter and Facebook and our refrigerators and our bumpers, and this got me thinking about one of my favorite quotes.

“In the pursuit of happiness, the difficulty lies in knowing when you have caught up.”
– R.H. Grenville

This is something I know I always struggle with. When is what you have, what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve experienced…. enough? When is your life good enough to make you happy?

I struggle with this idea often. Constantly.

“If only I could lose those last 15 lbs….”

“If only I had a more fuel-efficient vehicle….”

“If only I had perfect skin….”

“If only I had new flooring….”

“If only I had my degree…..”

“If only I had a publishing contract….”

“If only……”…. I could just be happy with what I have.

Anyone else have any “if onlys”?


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